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Chill Roots Volume 1 – now available


Chill Roots Art [16NOV2015-2]

In the continued spirit of curating diverse musical compilations, Dubs Alive has this time focused on a beautiful new collection of it’s most chilled out beats. Chill Roots Volume 1 reaches back through some of the label’s earliest releases for the most relaxing, sensual and psychedelic sounds that have permeated the catalogue. The tunes are filled with rich textures of deep pads and melodic elements that whisper subtly to the conscious listener, while at the same time carry massive sub-bass weight and soundsystem impact. Like waves of velvet and luscious lavender, the music sings a soothing song of meditation. Electric depth and sexual overtones are blended together by the multitude of wonderfully talented voices whose diversity and bold exploration of modern Dub influenced music continues to define Dubs Alive. Sit back with your lover and turn the lights down, it’s time to vibe out with Chill Roots.

Photograph © Hal Kobrin
Graphic Design by Tapa

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DJ Madd #Vinyl- DUBSALIVE001 – Now Available!!!


12" Vinyl LabelWith 6 years and 25 releases under their belt, Dubs Alive Records enters the vinyl realm with two massive cuts from DJ Madd in a heavyweight, 12 inch format. Madd brings a perfect blend of punchy 808 sound palettes and Reggae roots musicality, flexing his ever growing range of the Dub bass style. Capture and Slatahouse Dub pound the sound system with their powerful sub pressure, leaving tastefully minimal space while layering of melodic elements enrich the bold, dark statements of these two head rollers. Just a taste of what’s to come, these tunes express the modern dubwise direction that has defined the label as they proliferate the Future Dub sound. 

Purchase at Unearthed Sounds, Red Eye Records, Juno Records or many other fine retailers

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12" Vinyl Label

We are proud to officially announce the inaugural vinyl release from Dubs Alive.

Featuring 2 heavyweight Future Dub productions from none other than DJ MADD.

Available September 25th – 12″ – 180g Vinyl

~ Pre-order at ~

Unearthed Sounds or Red Eye Records

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Out Now!! Dillard :: Tomorrow EP :: Eva808 Remix


Dillard :: Tomorrow EP :: Eva808 Remix

Purchase Link :: Preview Clips

Stretching further into the deep, sexy, and psychedelic electronic side of modern Dub, we are pleased to present our newest release from Dillard: Tomorrow EP. With jaw dropping production quality and mature execution beyond his years, Dillard flexes his keen sense of powerful sub bass motion against thoughtfully edited liquid like clicks, noises, and glitches to define the sound pallet of this luscious EP.

Opening with sensual female vocals amidst somber pads, the title track’s heartbeat kicks against huge verb slathered rim clicks, burying this tune in a Dub chamber. Distant Reggae vocals layered within waves of delay outline the tune atop the intricate rolling bass.

Kicking off with classic DnB style pads and Ragga vocal clips, “Closer to the Question” builds into an amazingly spacious roller. Crunchy percussive effects and cerebral Dub delays pull and twist as sub frequencies ebb and flow spinning the tune into psychedelic noise space.

“Species” flows with percussion effects pouring like fountains surrounding the airy flute, horn, and whispered vocal bits. Daftly executed micro-edits drive the exploratory feel, playing out to the depths of space while immersed in a velvety melodic blanket and the warmth of the sub.

Amazingly talented Eva808 brings her unique sense of disjointed mixed percussive feels, incredible bass edits and modern Dubstep sensibilities to the remix of “Tomorrow.” A sneaky flute appears in the break down, thoughtfully creeping into the forefront as the tune expands upon the original version, faring the rhythmic waters and driving the EP home.



FB Banner dillard 2

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OUT NOW!! Don’t Tread On Dub Compilation

Artwork - Don't Tread on Dub

CLICK to buy at: Bandcamp, iTunes, Juno, Beatport, Spotify and all other digital outlets.

We are so honored to share this massive new release with you featuring a huge artist roster of Dubs Alive friends old and new:

AxHVibration LabBukkhaROZIGoosenseiKrytikalCIVILIANSOUND!Drew’s TheoryWascalChris RoyallRoommateNikoDubsworthTapa

Stay tuned for more goodies and giveaways surrounding this release…

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